COVID-19 Response Plan

Visitation Information


New visitation scheduling system:

We have been diligently working on a process to improve scheduling visitation to streamline the process for both
you and our staff and are excited to announce a new online system. Please review how to use this system below:

 -Below you will see links for North Ridge, South Ridge, and Outdoor Visitation.
 -Click on whatever neighborhood your loved one resides on for indoor visits; click on outdoor visitation for the
  North Ridge courtyard.
 -Review the calendar and reserve an open time that works best for your schedule. 
 -Once your time is reserved, the request will automatically forward to our screening team for approval. 
 -Once approved you will receive an email confirmation.

If you are the DPOA/guardian- please communicate this to those who may want to visit.
For those without internet access visits can still be scheduled by calling 381-6100.
If you need to change a visit, please choose the next available time and request that appointment.
Then call us at 381-6100 to cancel the appointment you cannot keep.

We are also working on weekend and evening availability.  Once open, we will adjust the calendars in the
online appointments and notify you via our newsletter.

Outdoor visitation calendar link:
North Ridge visitation calendar link:
South Ridge visitation calendar link:

Resident & Patient visitation protocol & information 

*There will be 1-hour time slots for up to 2 visitors per resident every other week.
*Visitors 13 years and older are permitted.
*Before coming, check our website or call the main line to see if visitation is still scheduled that day.
*Any visitor under the age of 18 must have a signed consent by a parent or legal guardian only to gain entrance.
*Drive in through Entrance 1 (Main Building) and proceed to the left lane under the overhang
 (not the outside fire lane) and into a temporary designated spot for visitors.
*Remain in your car and call the posted number for screening (517-381-6064); a staff member will come out to
 obtain a temperature & ask the COVID screening questions.
*You will then proceed to visitor parking.
*Once you enter the building, perform hand hygiene. You will then be escorted to the indoor or outdoor visitation
 location at the time of  your approved visit.  
*Once the visit is complete perform hand hygiene again, and depart from the facility.
*If you have traveled out of state before a scheduled visit and are unvaccinated,
 your visit will need to be postponed until 14 days after you have returned, per CDC guidelines.  
*If you and the resident you are visiting have been vaccinated and the resident is not
 on quarantine you are free to go for a walk/wheelchair ride around the facility on the wellness trail.
 Please use the outdoor visitation link above to schedule a visit and then you can leave the North Courtyard
 once you are checked in.  A mask must still be worn and other COVID protocols in place must still be followed. 

Please note that due to current Epidemic Orders, visits may be cancelled at any time and on short notice.  The facility will attempt to contact visitors prior to the visit if changes or cancellations are made as able, however, please check our website prior to each visit to see if there are changes to visitation availability.


  You can print off these instructions by clicking the button below if needed.









Print Visitation Instructions Above

COVID-19 Statistical Reporting and Rational

The facility is required to report the following information:

Ingham County Health Department (ICHD): The facility is in constant communication with the ICHD to inform them of any symptomatic residents or staff, any pending COVID testing, any positive or negative results, and status updates for any infected residents. We collaboratively review any positive residents’ clinical information and make determinations for ongoing monitoring and declaring resolved status.

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS): The facility communicates daily with MDHHS to upload information regarding number of beds; availability of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face coverings, gowns, and gloves; any residents or staff with COVID-19 symptoms; any COVID-19 positive and negative test results; any COVID-19 related deaths and any hospital transfers related to COVID-19.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC): The facility reports the following information: availability of PPE and hand sanitizer; any staffing shortages, COVID-19 testing capabilities; any admissions with COVID-19; any residents and staff with COVID-19 symptoms; any COVID-19 positive and negative test results and any COVID-19 related deaths.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS): The facility is required by CMS to provide updates to residents and families by 5pm on the next calendar day of each positive COVID result for residents or staff and clusters of 3 or more staff or residents with respiratory symptoms within 72 hours of each other. The facility will be utilizing this webpage to provide these ‘new’ daily numbers. The facility is also required to provide cumulative totals at least weekly, and will also utilize this webpage for these numbers.


* Cumulative refers to the total numbers during the entire pandemic and does not indicate who is actively ill.


  • If you are calling for specific information about a resident, please contact the neighborhood for the nurse caring for your loved one. North Ridge: 381-6161; South Ridge: 381-6144; Rehab Services: 381-6183.
  • If you are calling for COVID specific information pertaining to the facility, please call the main line 381-6100 and your questions will be answered or directed to the next appropriate staff.
  • We will not release any HIPAA information unauthorized.

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