Improve lives by working in long term care

Choosing a career in a nursing home can be one of the most rewarding experiences in healthcare.  The opportunity to build meaningful, deep, and rewarding relationships with residents that you see almost every day allows for a positive and prolific career.  Long time Dobie Road certified nursing assistant Charlotte Newton said, “I love working in a nursing home because I just love to take care of people and I treasure the relationships I’ve been able to make with residents over the last 32 years.”


Nursing homes like Dobie Road offer careers that focus on people.  Whether it’s the nurse, nursing assistant, activities specialist, social worker, dining services, environmental services, business office, maintenance, or admissions department the goal is the same – to improves lives when and where you can.  “I think a lot of people overlook the best parts of working in a nursing home,” said Social Services Supervisor Amanda Limon, “every day we get to support residents, help improve their lives, and make their home a welcoming, safe, and comfortable space.”  Being part of a diverse community where you can be at the heart of those you care for, and their families is a truly unique experience and the relationships that you build are what make working in long-term care so unique and special.


Career progression is another aspect of nursing homes that those in the healthcare field will find appealing.  Many staff members start out as care assistants before becoming nurses, or as floor nurses who move into management, or as entry level staff members who are now part of leadership.  Dobie Road’s award-winning leader of the environmental services team, Jen Ankney says, “I’ve been afforded many opportunities for both professional and personal development in the 18 years I’ve had the pleasure of working here.  I encourage anyone looking to start a career, not just a job, to consider working in a nursing home!”


While working in a long-term care skilled nursing environment you can expect new situations, new opportunities to learn and hone your craft as a caregiver, challenges to tackle, and being part of a team that lives their mission statement.  In addition, being able to work in a Michigan County Medical Care Facility Council and not for profit county owned community like Dobie Road, usually has even more advantages like higher pay, better benefits, community support, and a Foundation that helps provide extra special events, outings, and items that bring comfort, smiles, laughter, and joy to residents.


There’s plenty of great reasons to work in long-term care and being part of a dedicated team like Dobie Road where staff have abundant knowledge and a genuine passion for the industry is a game changer when choosing where to start a career.  If you’re in healthcare and looking for a change or just getting into the field, consider working in a nursing home where you too and delivering effective, efficient, innovative, compassionate, devoted care to those we have the honor to serve.  If you’re interested in working at Dobie Road, contact us today at for more information.