New Patient Portal available for Dobie Road Residents

We are announcing the new patient portal available for Dobie Road Residents.

The CURES Act (signed into law on December 13, 2016) requires that facilities share information with authorized individuals and extended care team partners responsible for the resident’s care and treatment to promote transparency and continuity of care during transitions or referrals and consultations.

The Ingham County Medical Care Facility uses PointClickCare software ( to maintain resident medical information.  To comply with the requirements of the Cures Act of 2016, PointClickCare provides a patient portal called Connected Care Center (

Connected Care Center is provided to help keep you informed of the health of those you care about. In accordance with the Cures Act, you can view information such as diagnoses, care plans, and lab tests. For a complete list of what is available and how Connected Care Center is different from the Clinical Chart.  Read the enclosed paper to read the differences.

To use Connected Care Center, you must be invited.

How do you receive an invitation?

Note: an email address AND mobile number (with the ability to receive text messages) are required to complete the registration process.

A letter was sent in the February invoice letter.  It will be brought up at your care conferences, or ask your social worker for more information.

When the portal has been activated for you or your representative by ICMCF, you will receive an email from [email protected] to create the account (check the spam folder).  Click the button provided in the email and follow the steps to create a password and gain access to your information (have the mobile phone with you).  Once your account is activated, go to and click the login button.

Is there a cost?

No. Connected Care Center is available to families and caregivers at no cost.

To learn more about Connected Care Center, visit their website at

If you have questions, please ask your social worker, or use a resident feedback form.