North Ridge Memory Care Nursing Team

Julie Pudvay, BS, RN, Director of Nursing

Julie received her Bachelor’s degree in Audiology and Speech Science from Michigan State University and her Registered Nursing Degree from Lansing Community College.  Julie has worked at Dobie since 1988 when she started as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant).  She has worked all three shifts and has been in almost every position in nursing while at Dobie.  In 2003, Julie became the Director of Nursing and has enjoyed it ever since.  She is an active board member of the Michigan National Association of Directors of Nursing Administration/Long Term Care and supports their mission of developing and promoting ethical principles, practices, and services to those who work in Long Term Care. What Julie enjoys most about working at Dobie is the interaction with the residents and patients, the clean building, beautiful grounds, and the caring and dedicated employees. Julie says, “I enjoy seeing the smiles from our residents and patients; knowing that they are happy and well cared for makes all the difference to me.   I am lucky to have started here all those years ago and to be part of such a great team striving toward our mission:  Dedicated to Improving Lives.

Vickie Johnson, RN, Assistant Director of Nursing

Vickie graduated from Lansing Community College as a Registered Nurse in 1993 and received specialized training in geriatric nursing.  She began her career at Dobie in 1991 as an LPN, and for five years was a nurse on the floor until moving into the position of Education Director.  Vickie has been the Assistant Director of Nursing since 2003.  She works with the unit managers, floor staff and other departments to maintain the clinical and personal well-being of those we serve, in addition to attending various committee meetings to ensure compliance with state and federal guidelines.  Vickie is also part of the Capital Area Transition of Care committee and works to improve the transition of care for patients from one health care setting to the next and avoid unnecessary hospital re-admissions where possible across the healthcare continuum.  Vickie says, “Our team works compassionately every day to deliver quality care and service that truly improves the lives of our residents and patients.  I am fortunate to be able to help care for our greatest generation and be a part of their lives”.

Cindy Colwell, RN, North Ridge Day Shift Unit Manager

Cindy received her RN from Lansing Community College and started her nursing career at a local family practice where she worked for 7 years.  She came to Dobie originally as a floor nurse and worked here for almost 2 years when she left to pursue an opportunity at Michigan Gastroenterology.  She came back to Dobie a little over 7 years ago as the afternoon supervisor for our North Ridge neighborhood and has since moved to the day shift.  Cindy enjoys working with the geriatric population because she believes she can make a difference in providing a nurturing and enriching environment.  “Our elders thrive on personal attention and interaction on a meaningful level and I’m so grateful to be able to offer that here at Dobie.”

Vivian Petoskey, LPN, North Ridge/South Ridge Afternoon Shift Unit Manager

Vivian graduated from Montcalm Community College in the fall of 1981 and has been practicing as an LPN ever since.  Her career has taken her down many avenues and she has enjoyed the versatility that being a nurse has given her.  “Nursing has been my passion since I was 12 years old and I cannot imagine doing anything else,” Vivian said.  “Dobie Road’s mission of making lives better is something that has guided my career all of these years, and working with the Dobie team is something that I look forward to and enjoy!”

Kelli Verlinde, BS, RN, North Ridge Assessment Nurse

Kelli graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Michigan State University, and then went on to attain her Registered Nursing degree from Lansing Community College.  Kelly has been an RN since 1999 and has worked at Dobie since 2009.  Kelli followed in her mother’s footsteps to become a nurse, and started working with pediatrics before finding her true calling, which was working with the elderly.  Kelli says, “I love working here because of the wonderful care, understanding, and love that the staff shows to each and every resident!   I have really great co-workers that make it easy to come to work every day!”

Kris Litz, LPN, North Ridge Restorative Nursing Supervisor

Kris received her Licensed Practical Nursing degree from Lansing Community College in 1996.  From a young age, Kris has always wanted to help people and care for them.  She has a variety of nursing experiences, including Mental Health, along with roots as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant).  She has been a Restorative Supervisor for over 13 years and a part of Team Dobie since 2001.  She enjoys helping residents maintain and/or improve their mobility, in addition to keeping the residents and their environment as safe as possible in order to reduce falls and injury.  Kris says, “This is a great working environment!  The residents and staff are incredible and the building and grounds are beautiful – I am proud to work in such a wonderful place”.