Does Dobie Road have a laundry service?

Yes, the Dobie Road Medical Care Center does offer laundry services for our rehabilitation residents and long-term care residents.  Please follow the instructions below for information.

Laundry Process for Long-term Care

All personal clothes that come in are required to be labeled. Laundry staff will pick up personal clothing for all new admits labeling them; they will be returned the same day. Any new clothes brought in will need to go to the laundry before taking them to the resident’s/patient’s room. The laundry has a box outside of the door with a piece of paper that will need to be filled out; the resident name, room number, a description of the clothes, and how many are very helpful; all clothes will go into a bag with that paper then given to laundry staff. (Bags are also provided in that box). Laundry will return these items within 24 hours. Laundry does ask that you don’t bring in specialty care items that could get ruined in the washer/dryer; all machines are industrial size.

Rehabilitation Laundry operations

If the Facility does the laundry, we charge for laundry services, Laundry is picked up twice a week, and it is required that we label the clothing to ensure that the laundry comes back to that patient. Laundry staff will go into each new admit room asking if they would like the facility to do laundry or family. If the facility does laundry, the laundry staff will put a yellow sign on the door that we do laundry; the laundry staff will take the clothes they have and label them with facility labels (we put those on with a heated press.) If the family brings more clothes, they will need to let a CNA, Nurse, or Secretary know so those clothes can be sent to the laundry to be labeled. If the family does laundry, the laundry staff will put a green sign on the closet door to let staff know that the family does the laundry.

If you have questions: Contact Environmental Services at (517) 381-6153 or Laundry Services at (517) 381-6149 or by email: [email protected].

Click here for the form needed: DR-Laundry-Drop-off-form-fillable.pdf