The Dobie Road front entrance to long-term care is almost complete.

July 29, 2022 – The main entrance to the long-term care facility is about to open.  Eight weeks ago, the old lobby was walled off, the interior demolished, and doors and windows removed.  Crews have diligently reconfigured the lobby area, upgraded the ceiling and entrance doors, and created a better experience and security for visitors, medical transportation crews, and staff.

The new lobby will include a new entrance with wider sliding automatic doors to accommodate medical transportation crews when complete.

If work and required inspections stay on schedule, the new entrance will open on Friday, August 5.  We will keep you posted.

The general contractor Laux Construction in Mason has gone out of its way to ensure disruptions to the residents, visitors, and staff were kept to a minimum.  This week they will finish the painting, install flooring, and finish the new reception desk area.

The lobby has come a long way. Here are some before and during pictures of the progress.