The Employee Experience – Kate Hodgkins

My name is Kate Hodgkins, and I am currently the Director of Post-Acute Care Network and Wellness here at Ingham County Medical Care Facility. I started working here approximately 8 years ago as a rehab social worker and transitioned into the Outpatient Therapy and Wellness Administrator. This year, I began my current role.

I love working here at Dobie Road because of our mission – Dedicated to Improving Lives – it’s how I live my personal life, so it’s natural for me to live by this in my professional life. Improving lives is what we do here, and who can’t get behind that? Being the Director of Wellness also allows me to make Dobie the safest and healthiest place you can be no matter why you are here.

Another reason why I enjoy working here is our growth mindset. Healthcare is always changing in a variety of aspects, so we are constantly growing here. We have even been able to grow beyond our walls through our community wellness programs, so our mission isn’t just focused within our walls. Leadership challenges team members to grow and be solution-focuses. For example, when I first started here and was considering my MSW, I was not only encouraged to apply, but also cheered along the way. Our HR Director educated and guided me on our Tuition Reimbursement Program, so I had financial support in my education which was inspiring.

During the last 8 years, my life has had some major changes for me. I bought and sold my first home while I worked here. I now have 2 children, and I even lost my father unexpectedly. Through all these life changes, Team Dobie has been behind me—supporting, encouraging, and comforting me. How can you leave a place like this? You don’t.

–Kate Hodgkins, LLMSW, CHC – Director of Post-Acute Care & Wellness