The Employee Experience – Bridget Kassab

My career here at ICMCF has been a long and enjoyable one. I was drawn to the facility because I had family that were employed here, and they encouraged me to apply. I was twenty-one years old, and I was hired in as a Dining Service Aide. The flexibility of my schedule in this department allowed me the opportunity to pursue higher education and for that I was grateful. As I worked and grew accustomed to the job, I was able to move from a dining aide to the role of Cook. I loved being a cook because I was the go-to, take charge person in the kitchen before the supervisors arrived for the day. I was the full time AM cook for almost 6 years. I also was voted in as the Dining Services Union Steward and was in that role for about 3 years. It is Sixteen years later now, and I am still here and have advanced into a leadership role with the title of Support Services Coordinator.  

Having such a strong, supportive, and friendly staff here at Dobie Road has made the choice to stay employed here for so long an easy decision. However, working with the elderly and being able to take care of them and learn about who they are and about their lives, is the number one reason I work here. This is the residents’ home, and I feel so lucky that I get to be here and experience each day with them. They have so many great stories and life lessons to share. I have gained so much love and gratitude for our residents. They make coming to work a very joyful experience. I love it here at Dobie Road, and I plan on working here for years to come.


Bridget Kassab—Support Services Coordinator