Keeping Up To Speed

Many of us know that technology is moving at a rapid pace. Fortunately for Dobie Road, we have an IT Department that works diligently to keep Dobie “up to speed!”

The first way our IT Department is keeping Dobie “up to speed” is through security. We’re implementing special detect and remediation of software to several of our commonly used devices to help ensure the safety and vitality of our network. Guest networks have been created with a special feature to ensure any personal data stays personal and safe. In addition, email encryption has been made a company standard to ensure no unauthorized parties’ access sensitive information.

The second way Dobie is keeping “up to speed” is through accessibility. We now use Office 365 which allows users to stay in touch from anywhere in the world. Users also have global access to Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint programs. Our Policies and Procedures are now set up electronically so staff no longer have to deal with bulky binders and can refresh themselves on policies and procedures 24/7 on any ICMCF device within facility.

The third way we are staying “up to speed” is through technology. IT is in the process of updating all facility devices to the latest Microsoft Operating System. This will allow for a more efficient use of computer resources along with a host of new features. Some departments have started to utilize tablets so that we can provide better services to our patients and residents. We have also implemented wireless vital carts that automatically input vital information into our systems ensuring faster communication, eliminating inputting errors, and increasing staff efficiency while saving time.

On the Wellness side of things, we are constantly updating technology as well. Wellness strives to provide meaningful opportunities for older adults and its employees to engage in ongoing opportunities that maximize a multi-dimensional wellness approach. It is our goal to be one of the healthiest places to recover, work, live, and remain active. In order to do accomplish this goal, though, we need to stay “up to speed”—we turn to technology for this!

While there are many apps to track your health (like MyFitnessPal or Fibit to name ONLY a couple), we want to be sure that Dobie is keeping up with trends and to ensure that you not only have a space to be healthy, but access to know when these opportunities are available. Here are some tech savvy way to “keep up to speed” on what’s happening at Dobie Road.

  1. We are always working diligently on our facility website. It has recently been redesigned to be more user-friendly and interactive. Visit our webpage at to learn about our staff, culture, job opportunities, and the many other exciting things ICMCF has to offer.
  2. We now have a monthly newsletter. Signing up is easy—simply visit our homepage on our website and look for Newsletter Signup! All we need is your name and e-mail address. Each month, you’ll receive updates on wellness programming, outpatient therapy, therapeutic activities, community events, and more!
  3. Join our conversation on social media! Did you know that we are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn? Our conversations are fun and informative, and we can’t wait to talk with you!

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As you can see, staying up to date with technology isn’t just important to us here at Dobie Road, it is part of our culture and values. We are excited about what we have done and are currently doing to stay “up to speed” in this forever changing and advancing technology landscape. Fortunately for Dobie’s staff and residents, ICMCF leadership and IT are always striving to be at the forefront. Our dedication to technology is just another example of how we are “Dedicated to Improving Lives.”