New Building, New Services, and New Excitement!

Ingham County Medical Care Facility has been around for 175 years. We’ve expanded and grown over these years, and as many of you know, we have a beautiful new addition that is expected to open this summer. It’s been 2 years in the making—to say that we are excited is an understatement, and we know many of you are eager too.

Given all the happenings that are taking place, I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you what’s around the corner for Dobie Road.

First, there will be 48 private rooms and private bathrooms to an updated short-term rehab unit. Within our rehab unit, we will have bariatric rooms. Despite the additional rooms, Dobie is not growing in patient/resident capacity—we will remain a 236-bed facility.

In addition to the rehab unit, there will also be an improved inpatient therapy gym. This gym will have similar equipment that we currently use, but extra space such as an apartment and a larger kitchen for therapy purposes. Attached to the therapy gym is a beautiful outdoor courtyard, so patients can practice walking on outside terrain, such as curbs, concrete steps, and even uneven grass.

This new facility also has great plans for the community. The outpatient gym will continue to provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy services. There are 3 treatment rooms with one of them focused on speech therapy. The speech therapy treatment room has extra sound protection so that patients can be as loud as they need when practicing their LSVT LOUD exercises.

In addition, the outpatient therapy gym will be combined with a 24/7 senior fitness facility. While senior fitness won’t be open right away, it is already in the works of being planned. Equipment will include light weights and cardio machines. The flooring will include an indoor track path so that community members may walk indoors. The Wellness Trail around the facility will also be expanding to over a ½ mile long! This is not only amazing for community members walking along our beautiful trails, but also our employees who are encouraged to be outside on their breaks.

Dobie is also excited to have a bistro available to the community as well. While we are still determining the menu and hours of operations, we are looking forward to bringing delicious food to visitors. Other plans in the works include a meeting room for the community to use as needed, as well as other wellness programs (such as yoga, health classes, etc).

I’d like to hear from you—what are you most excited about in the new building? Are there things you hope to see us offer to the community?